In response to the Dungkar Gonpa Society’s letter, Tara sent the below message, addressed to a representative of the DGS board as well as most administrative staff of her organization. Unlike the formal response her organization would later send, this was not the work of a committee. It was a personal message from Tara, reflecting her thoughts and communication style.

The message is reproduced in its original form without any changes. As we said at the outset, we’ll let her words speak for themselves.

December 10, 2004
Subject: must read everybody.

I have given many indications that I am here. I have been recognized through these memorues by before friends and students in India and in America. These memory only knowing by the individual and myself. Of course my memory was not perfect even when I alive before. I lose my eyeglasses and look everywhere except the top of my head. I telling the truth and I here in a form that is not easy to understand. I make the transference of conciousness when the student was in my place doing retreat. In Tibet we not allowed to do transference after someone took advantage of someone financially – this you can check with Tibetans who know- not just anyone and they tell you that this is very secret. That late may or early june 2000. I know wthat because when I read the Time magazine everytime it come I read the one issue but the next one I did not read because I was in the new body and not get Time magazine. I tuck that magazine under my arm and go to my room and read. Then I get the Ann to talk to me about the funny things and we enjoy. I liked that life and early time here I thinking – so foolish – taht I say I here and I going to come home now. That time over. I not take advantage of her.

I did the transference not to make my life shorter but inner beings are preparing me for future. I do it for a reason that I cannot even understand at that time. After I did it I looking at her and I thinking that it not come perfect so I nervous telling you to not look at her or help her in any way so taht I could have peace. I telling Ann all the time she cannot talk to her. Ann know these things how I telling her to be strong and not give anything. Meantime I helping fix the transference on the inside and when I pass I come here to align. I see the situation from the inside and the my indications say to remain. So I remain and she not here and taht her 100% wish. So I telling these things so all of you can understand. I have many of her memories but she not the experiencer now, I, the old Domo Geshe is the experiencer. These days if I look too strong at outside world I again coming too sensitive with smells and hearing. So now I try to not smell and hear so strong and it come better. I not live in hermit anymore so what can I do? My heath is OK.

My students are making progress only because I here in my original. Even I not telling them what I look like they see me in meditation, in dream and vision. How that one know how to do that?

When I in India, I tellling Chuntze that his geshe degree is a fake and I approved it at that time. I today not know why except he wanted it and someone in south got the papers. who know that? when I telling him these things like where his bank account is in Darjeeling, the lady he have before, the jeep I gived to him and he sold it. who knew? what did he say? he say I buyed the information from you or some one in America side. Did I buy or get this informations from the Ann? no. I telling Ann about the relationship we had. who knew? who did I buy that information from? I so nervous before I passing that you find out that Rinpoche is doing transference and not looking good. These things take time to accomplish and in 2 years I was very good and now I same inside as before. I thinking now that no one except the real Domo Geshe could do this. I make it good and now I going to live my whole life here. I heared the beating of the drums and the prayers some time ago calling me to incarnate. I not go, I stayed here but the drums and prayers very nice and sincere.

I not want anything from you. I not seeking fame or money. please leave me in peace, I the real Domo Geshe. If you make a law suit and I go to jail again then I teach the other prisoners about how to be free on the iinside. You not scare me, I wish you all well. Do the practice I gived you and you will see me on the inside. I am alive. In India I sitting across from the Chungze and he praying to his Domo Geshe on the inside and I telling him – yes I listening and hear your prayer and I right here. remember I telling Ann that I make her take the cake from the altar that mouse eating and cut off the eating part and serve to the guests. that so fun to remember. I had a gold coin collection that is or was in the vault of the bank.not the bank I usual bank but another one. I get it for big money for investment for the future but even Ann not know how much I enjoy just looking at the coins and beutful designs. I not need it now the real treasure are the students who learning so careful now that I can explain all of the things I jsut looking and not able to tell. I keep secrecy my whole life before but now I not need to. Now is time for telling.

About the finding of incarnation. Small boys can be implanted with memories and blessings to make them beleive that they the incarnation but they grow the shoots from inner of the blessing one and I the actual one. This also happening in other traditions. Other lamas know this but they never telling because oftten they not arrive the same one and so they make one. I thinking that the plan.

It true that Gelug not give recognition to woman that come from male lineage but that not change the truth that I here and doing benefit. Now some years are passing. My new life here is so many experieces and the upset that I always feeing inside is healing up. I not angry at His Holiness, I losing my anger at Chinese and seeing that there are many good people in this world.

I here not hiding I total sincere and that come very different from previious.

Domo Geshe Rinpoche